Alaska 2013 July 30 Day 69 Nichols Bay POW Island 37.2 NM Total 2301 NM

Another glorious day in paradise Alaska. No other boat around, bright sunshine, whales, rock gardens, a few dolphins, a bit of sailing,  all the usual fun.


We are reaching the south end of Prince of Wales Island and as we arrive close to Nichols Bay there are over 20 Canadian fishing boats trawling and hugging the 3 miles line to the US coast.


We have our usual paddle to a beach at the end of the bay and collect some well- travelled  floaters to add to our collection. The ocean is a bit cold today for a swim so a short dip is all I can do. Refreshing!


AlaskaD69NicholsBay POW Island 005

Dinner is a bit delayed and the boys are anxious to be served the ham, sauerkraut and mashed potato  main course and the Romaine lettuce salad.

AlaskaD69NicholsBay POW Island 018

In case you wondered what it is like keeping up the blog, this is a shot from the update in Sitka!

AlaskaD58-59Sitka 009

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