Alaska 2013 July 29 Day 68 Mabel Bay Prince of Wales Island 47.4 NM Total 2264 Nautical Miles

We have a very special day going south of the 55 degree latitude north line in gorgeous  weather with warm winds and end up swimming in Mabel Bay  by the time the anchor is down.

AlaskaD68MabelBayPOWIsland 002

We reach a speed of 10.6 knots in Tlevack narrows, which really are not narrow and are quite deep so it is a lot of fun to have the 3 knot push. We see a couple whales and enjoy the views as we  overheat slowly  and peel off the gear , then the pants and socks and catch some rays. And that feels so good.

AlaskaD68MabelBayPOWIsland 010

By the time we reach Jackson Passage we decide to get serious and stop the engine   to try mooching. Mooching you might need to know is  not related to canoodling or  smooching or  anything like it sounds. Mooching is baiting your line with a weight and a herring of a certain size whose head has been cut off obliquely so it will spin as it moves down to the bottom and then  up as you reel it in. Mooching works well for us as we bring in a very good size and legal  Coho salmon that proved to be a delicious dinner. (Remember that bait we bought in Craig for Halibut).



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