Alaska 2013 July 28 Day 67 Craig POW Island 23.8 NM Total 2217 NM

Our prawn trap contains a starfish, a small rock fish, and only 2 dozen spot prawns this morning. Sounds like somebody ate our prawns.

AlaskaD67Craig POW Island 003

It is the second glorious day in a row and we just rave in the sunshine although our two crew are still wearing their matching waterproof  two-piece outfits and their boots.

AlaskaD67Craig POW Island 006

We go through many rock gardens and see many otters along the way. The crew lodge a complaint about not seeing a whale today during our short leg to Craig. The spotter (me) was busy with the daily chores down below most of the way it seems.

We arrive in Craig early to fuel, top up the water and fill up the galley fridge to the rim again as there will be no shopping until Prince Rupert now. It is quite a little circus trick to come back to the boat with a buggy size load and make it disappear in the small  fridge, or below the floor boards, or in the small cool compartment along the hull.  

When that is done, we head off to town for dinner, a treat! Mike has secured the best table at the Shelter Cove Lodge, a fisherman heaven and we sit on the patio over the water and the docks.

AlaskaD67Craig POW Island 018

The dinner is superb as they have hired a very gifted chef from Washington state. We order a Coconut Chai halibut with clams and mussels, done in cream, coconut milk and seasoned with Cardamom, star anise,   cinnamon, white pepper and chilis. Also a roasted salmon with a ginger chili and a halibut dory in dill sauce. The clam chowder appetizer was the best I ever tasted. I will have to go back to Craig just for that.

AlaskaD67Craig POW Island 016

The lodge is very pleasant and the guests go out in very modern boats with their private guide. They seem to fill up their entire quota over 3 days and go home with 100 pounds of fish, filleted, packaged, labelled and shipped home. Nice bounty. We are inspired and buy a few herrings so we can try for halibut ourselves. (will report on that in the next few days).

AlaskaD67Craig POW Island 027

 Craig is a nice small town with clear water in the harbour. A kingfisher perched on a wire by the docks.


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