Alaska 2013 July 27 Day 66 Nossuk Bay Prince of Wales Island 20.7 NM Total 2183 NM

Getting on the way is a bit delayed today as  a very large starfish has caught tight hold of our anchor chain and we need to kick it off with the boat hook.

AlaskaD66NossukBayPOWisl 016

It is a bright sunny day and we very much enjoy going through Tuxekan passage and then Tonowek narrows. Both are deep but we have not timed the narrows so we have 3 knots of flood against us. Slow  going and sometimes hard  to keep a straight line but no real difficulty.


We get a good view of Bald Mountain on Heceta Island and spot a whale in the distance. There are still many sea otters playing around the boat  every day.


After anchoring in Nossuk Bay in complete wilderness, we have not seen a single other boat today, we paddle in the maze of rocks and islands in the bay. Very beautiful waters and we get entertained by a group of five female Merganser ducks  hiding in a  tiny cove. The double inflatable kayak has been a lot of fun.


No luck with the fishing, we caught a small shark that we released and that’s that.


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2 Responses to Alaska 2013 July 27 Day 66 Nossuk Bay Prince of Wales Island 20.7 NM Total 2183 NM

  1. Vero says:

    Where are the pics of the SHARK!?

  2. Linda Saunders says:

    I was just thinking about you so I thought I’d check your blog, and you had just posted this entry! You have quite the circle of admirers here at home.

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