Alaska 2013 July 21 day 60 Sergius Narrow Peril Strait to Appleton Cove 60 NM Total 1990 NM

With our extra crew  settled on board, we  have planned to go through the serious Sergius narrows at slack. It means departing Sitka at 6:00 am in the usual mist and we can barely see the silhouette of Mt Edgecumbe, a volcano in the background.


 We are soon rewarded with sighting a young black bear, Sika deer, and a pod of Orcas traveling at high speed near Poison Cove.

Going through the narrows at slack is not an issue as the water is deep and it is well marked.


 As we reach Peril Strait, we have a bit of wind and sail. We also catch  a pink salmon while under sail, big enough for 4 jumbo servings and some bait that we use to catch Jumbo (real jumbo) Dungeness Crabs. We release the females and a small rock crab and get offered more crab  by a  Sitka family renting the rangers’ cabin in the bay.

AlaskaD61AppletonCovePerilStrait 004

They come here to practise shooting large caliber semi-automatic  guns. They probably felt bad about the  noise. Anyway, we can only have 3 crabs in our possession. So we steam the biggest and shell them right away to make crab cakes for tomorrow lunch.


 For dinner we have the Coho from the rescued  boat  which  I pan fry in butter to rare and it is amazing.  We were hungry, true enough after over 10 hours going and 60 nautical miles. A very fine day all in all and a sheltered inlet to kayak. Life is good.

AlaskaD61AppletonCovePerilStrait 007

AlaskaD61AppletonCovePerilStrait 013



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