2013 July 19-20 Day 58-59 Sitka Baranof Island Alaska

A little memo to say we are fine in Craig on Prince of Wales Island but I will keep the blogs coming in order as I catch up. There is very little internet in this  grizzly neck of the woods!

AlaskaD58-59Sitka 012

Two days to relax and complete chores. Laundry first at the Laundromat for a long time as the entire town had a power cut after I loaded my stuff. Time to call family. Then two trip of groceries, each a buggy full, one of dry goods and staples, the other of produce and fresh proteins. Boat cleaning, Fuel dock visit, water top up. Much time wasted on buying new phone and plan from ATT and Radio shack as Dunnery dropped the Google phone in the sink! Oops!

Sitka shop

Sitka shop

Mike and Paul have settled in nicely and are very good at coping with the cramped quarters. They appeared with matching yellow waterproof  West Marine jackets and matching West Marine navy rubber boots, we tell them apart by the matching pants that are colour coded- Paul in yellow, Mike in blue or by Mike’s bright orange hunting hat. At least they have the looks right on for the   drizzly weather, and they will be wearing this every day, I guarantee from my now extensive inside knowledge of the Alaska weather.

Mike and Paul

Mike and Paul

 The boys did some shopping and we now have even more fishing gear on board, hopefully Mike can assist in the art of catching a coho. Tomorrow is early start to be at Sergius Narrows at slack,  exact timing is crucial to avoid the strong current. Sitka  has been a good stop although we did not get to see the top of Mt Edgecumb (the volcano) always covered by good mist.

AlaskaD58-59Sitka 006

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