Alaska 2013 July 17 Day 56 Sukoi Inlet 34.5 NM total 1905 NM

 We start a bit early today to have calm weather on the heavy ocean. We get out of Falcon Arm with the GPS track showing s on land again. We decide that it is not safe to go through Piehle Passage with this mapping error, so we go back North a few miles to have a wider through way to the ocean. All goes well on the way to Salisbury Sound despite the large swells and breakers of Khaz Bay. We duck behind Klokachef Island for a short respite and enter Sukoi Inlet by mid-day. It is very pretty but not a good anchorage as the winds funnel from the North right to the end. We set the anchor well and test it hard as there are not may other choices in the vicinity. The wind blows all afternoon and we are swamped by horse-flies. At sunset though,  both the wind and the flies disappear suddenly, in 5 minutes all is calm, no waves, no buzzing!

Grizzly from the Kayak!

Grizzly from the Kayak!

Dunnery meets a young grizzly in his kayak and gets a picture of it.  I have to believe him on that  documented sighting although blurry , easier than when he claimed to have seen a sow and two cubs in Klag Bay but did not have the camera. That bugs me, I wish I could have seen the cubs.

By the way, it has not rained in two days and the forecast is for a high pressure ridge. This is great for our friends coming to meet us in Sitka in a couple days.

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