Alaska 2013 July 16 Falcon Arm in Slocum Arm 18.5 NM Total 1870 NM

Our Garmin Chart-plotter is playing tricks on us. We notice that Chart 17323 has an island located in the wrong place. We continue to Waterfall Cove and it looks odd still on the chart. The waterfall is impressive coming straight down from high up into the cove. We decide to leave because the cove is really not much of a cove and is very windy. We then back track to Falcon Arm which has a place where we can tuck away behind a small peninsula. At this point, we are amazingly driving the boat right through the land according to the track on the chart-plotter. This is not a good feeling, but visibility is good and we have a good idea of the contours and the depth so no worries. Nothing happens except that we have to change our itinerary for the next day.

AlaskaD56SukoiInlet 002


We are still eating salmon from our bounty acquired in Elfin Cove. What a treat it is when we have pretty much nothing fresh left on board. There has not been a grocery store since Hoonah and that was not  famous as a fruit and vegetable market!

AlaskaD56SukoiInlet 001

King Salmon ready to pan fry in butter

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