Alaska 2013 July 15 Day 54 Chichagof Klatz Bay 17.9 NM total 1852 NM

Through Surveyor and Ogden Passage, both narrow and at time shallow, we get most ragged  landscape accentuated by the grey overcast sky. At low tide the rocks are even  sharper.



Count at least 7 eagles on this picture?

We pass a couple sea lions, a couple whales, many otters and an eagle aerie with many  juveniles getting a flying lesson or so it seems.


Maud Point Klag Bay

Maud Point Klag Bay

As we arrive near Chichagof, we encounter low depth of about 3 feet under the keel and back out of the narrow area without trouble. We anchor there amongst giant jelly fish  to go check the abandoned  gold mine that was operated the first half of the 20th century. Some rusted gear, collapsed buildings, rails, and trailing, but no nugget left behind.

AlaskaD54ChichagofKlatzBay 004


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