Alaska 2013 July 14 Day 53 Pinta Bay Portlock Harbor 35.8 NM Total 1834 NM


We have planned a late departure to arrive in Mirror Harbor at high slack as the passage  inside the anchorage is too shallow at low tide and very narrow as well, under 10 yards at times. We arrive there right on and get very disappointed to find the passage completely obstructed by thick nodes of intertwined  kelp. No way we can pick a way through that and avoid the rocks so we have to turn around.  Unfortunately, this is the only place to anchor to reach the White Sulphur Hot Springs so we have missed the spa.


We go on to Didrickson Bay but have no luck dropping an anchor, the charts are completely unreliable and the bottom is bad so we end up in Pinta Bay, a lovely sheltered spot .


The day was still pretty good with sighting a brown bear between North Lisianski Inlet and Snag inlet. And the scenery is  quite lovely with the open  Pacific (today) ocean and rock gardens everywhere. Not unlike south of the Brooks peninsula and the Bunsby Islands  on the west  coast of Vancouver Island.



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2 Responses to Alaska 2013 July 14 Day 53 Pinta Bay Portlock Harbor 35.8 NM Total 1834 NM

  1. Dora Best says:

    Better to take the long way and be safe!
    We are still in a heatwave here but promise of cooler weather tomorrow after chance of big thunder and wind storm tonight.
    Wishing good weather for you guys!

  2. Linda Saunders says:

    That’s a lot of work to find a place to sleep at night!

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