Alaska 2013 July 10 Day 49 Johns Hopkins, Margerie Glacier, Blue Mouse Cove Glacier Bay 45.8 NM Total 1723

Today is the culmination. Sunny and clear for miles. Reached 59 degrees latitude North at 11:24 am in Tarr Inlet on the way to Grand Pacific Glacier. Almost got back into Canada, just stuck  one mile from the border but the whole Grand Pacific glacier between the water (where we were) and the border. Impassable.


First we got up with a new sunny sight of Reid Inlet and the Reid  Glacier, then made our way to Lamplugh Glacier, then to Jaw Point to get a sight of Johns Hopkins.


We share that fiord with the Zuiderdam whose female Captain was very accommodating on the radio giving us a wide berth.


Then off to Tarr Inlet, the Grand Pacific retreating and the Margerie glacier extremely spectacular with Mt Fairweather in the background.


Almost 8 hours on the water, 500 pictures, a lot of fun and grandiose scenery. What we came for no doubt. The whole landscape is mesmerizing with so much ice, crevasses, seracs, and the light coloured water.


At the end of the day, we anchor in Blue Mouse Cove, a delightful round cove with great views and we top it all off with some kayaking. Much yoga and stretching is done while driving the boat but we still need to roam a bit at the end of the day away from the bears.



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