Alaska 2013 July 7 day 46 Pleasant Island Icy Passage 27.1 NM Total 1606 NM

We sailed across Icy Strait or rather to the middle of it, and the wind pooped, but here we are anchored between Pleasant Island and Glacier Bay. We are not allowed in the park until tomorrow so we are as close as possible to maximize our short permit. We will leave at 5:00 am to attend the orientation session in Bartlett Cove at 8:00 am before they let us further in Glacier Bay. The orientation is mostly to remind us to stay away from whales and not to exceed 13 knots. No danger about the latter!

The forecast is not calling for sunny weather but things change fast here so we are still hoping for a break in the clouds.

We did not get a break  with the bugs nor did we catch any fish. Pleasant island is anything but pleasant.


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