Alaska 2013 July 1st Day 40 Whitehorse Yukon

We are not travelling on the water today. We are boarding the White Pass train to Fraser BC and then a bus to Whitehorse, Yukon. So in a few hours from Alaska, briefly into BC and then in the Yukon overnight with the return on July 2nd to Juneau via Carcross (for Caribou Crossing), Fraser, and Skagway.   

 The White Pass Summit train is a narrow gauge railway built specifically to run the gold seekers of 1898-99.

AlaskaWhitehorse 027

It goes from sea level to 2924 ft in about 27 miles which is very steep for a railway. The bridges are above deep gorges and rather scarry to look at.

AlaskaWhitehorse 024

AlaskaWhitehorse 039

Near Fraser, BC

The scenery is magnificent, glimpses of Skagway harbour from high, the furious Skagway river, the steep cliffs, a glacier, many long waterfalls, and on the other side of the mountain, the subalpine flora, with 100 year old trees that look only about 10 years old, mosses and lichen. This is a highlight of  our trip. (pun intended).

AlaskaWhitehorse 051

AlaskaWhitehorse 046



Copper nugget weighing over a ton. Whitehorse Y

Copper nugget weighing over a ton. Whitehorse Yukon

Emerald lake Yukon

Emerald lake Yukon

Yukon River

Yukon River

AlaskaWhitehorse 023 (2)

Single Support Suspension bridge, one of 7 in the world, to make repair easier after earthquakes

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2 Responses to Alaska 2013 July 1st Day 40 Whitehorse Yukon

  1. carol hubberstey says:

    drove that route a few years ago (from Whitehorse). Lovely memories of the scenery and of the trip in general – watched a mother bear and cubs playing on side of highway. Skagway was spectacular if a bit bizarre with all the high end jewellery stores – aimed at the cruise ship market.

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