Alaska 2013 June 30 Day 39 Skagway 82 NM total 1442 NM

Today we travel on the Alaska Marine highway on the Alaska ferry Malaspina  to Skagway at the end of the Lynn Canal. The weather is unbelievable even the locals are in awe. It is hot and dry and bright. We have gone past Sentinel Island and another interesting light-house, a pod of  humpback whales  travelling near shore, and the Rainbow Glacier just before the stop over in Haynes.

Sentinel island

Eldred Rock Island Light-house

 The ferry is a good place to see the wide canal which is normally too windy for sailboats It is said to be the longest and deepest fjord in the world (610 m deep). It can get very strong winds and williwaws that funnel and there are no anchorages to hide along the 82 nautical miles. Besides,  everywhere is too deep for our 160 ft long chain.

Alaska 041

Rainbow Glacier

Silt water from  the Chikat river mixing with glaci

Brown silty water from the Katzehin River mixing with aquamarine clear glacial water

So a nice easy ride on the Malaspina  and 6 ½ hours later we are in the gold rush city which has not changed that much since the 1897/98 rush, and that is a good thing. All the heritage building are protected and being renovated  making for a  very authentic main street with boardwalks for sidewalks and wooden buildings all along.



There are many groups of young people hanging around town, some mountain-bikers and of course the keen hikers decided on living the Chilkoot trail experience! But on the light as they all have the latest gear from fancy outfitters unlike the gold seekers who were forced to  acquire and carry one ton of food supplies to be  allowed to star on the trek.



Capt'n Moore's cabin 1

Capt’n Moore’s cabin 1

Another small pleasure is the unrestricted shower we can indulge in at the motel. No water limit and no hot water shortage, a first for 39 days!

Alaska 026

Alaska 029

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1 Response to Alaska 2013 June 30 Day 39 Skagway 82 NM total 1442 NM

  1. Reguly, Eric says:

    Loving your blogs, you two. What an adventure!

    We are just back from Athens en famille. Saw Diana Krall sing at the 2,000 year old Odeon theatre at the Acropolis. We met her at the boozer after the concert. Nana Mouskouri was also there. Total thrill.

    We are off to Canada on July 6 for five weeks. Sorry we will miss you. Hope you come to France soon.

    Baci, Eric

    Eric Reguly | European Business Correspondent | The Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper Rome bureau Office: +39 06 574 1892 |Italian mobile: +39 331 649 6202 UK mobile: +44 (0)7528 726 042 Email: Mobile email: Twitter: @ereguly ________________________________________

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