Alaska 2013 June 28-29 day 37-38 Juneau Auke Bay 57.5 NM Total 1360 NM

Long but easy day on the water past Taku inlet with Taku Glacier and the boundary peak called the Devil’s Paw.  The boundary peaks with Canada are forming the border, or rather the border is a line that jumps from boundary peak to boundary peak. They all have  neat names like Devil’s Thumb, Devil’s Paw, Chilkoot Pass, Mount Strong, Snow Top, Kate’s Needle, Castle Mountain. I have counted 187 of those boundary peaks with BC on the Atlas of Alaska.  They explain the shape of the border, sometimes a straight line, sometimes a jagged edge.


The Devil’s Paw and Taku Glacier

 And then, majestic arrival in Auke Bay just North of Juneau right by the Mendenhall Glacier which is less than four miles away with many snowy peaks behind it.


Mendenhall Glacier Auke Bay

We are stand by on the break-water for  the first night awaiting the departure of a fishing seiner tomorrow so we may use the vacated dock space for a few days.


A gifted fisherman about to catch a foot long Sockeye in Auke Bay Harbor

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2 Responses to Alaska 2013 June 28-29 day 37-38 Juneau Auke Bay 57.5 NM Total 1360 NM

  1. jeff says:

    Hello les marins
    très chouette votre blog! Définitivement je vous embauche pour le NW passage. Imaqa sera à Victoria début octobre pour l’hiver.
    Take care Jeff

    • Francoise Ducret says:

      Salut Jeff, Merci pour les commentaires, ca fait toujours plaisir! On fait un voyage merveilleux, Jusqu a present aucun probleme et on s amuse bien. 40eme jour, en route pour le Yukon en train historique, le chemin des chercheurs d or den1898. *Franoise* *And check out my blogs:* ** ** * * **

      On Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 10:03 AM, The Sailing Frog off to Glacier Bay,

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