Alaska 2013 June 27 Day 36 Tracy Arm Cove via Sawyer Glacier 46 NM 1303 NM

We started in very overcast and cold weather again wearing all the layers we could fit on top of each other inside the foulies. The wind was funneling in the fjord but this was all worth it. Moving through thicker and thicker fields of icebergs along steep cliffs, we are alone except for a couple tour boats. We pass the Ice Falls with are not iced although  judging from the outside temperature ,  they probably could be. The water  gushing with incredible pressure was amazing.


We go past Sawyer Island and the fjord is narrower. Then the South Sawyer Glacier appears, White and grey and ice blue and huge and imposing with  crevasses and a wide tongue reaching right into the head of the fjord. The sky has cleared a bit and we can take some pictures.




We are still circling around in awe at the head of the fjord when a cruise ship peaks its bow  behind  Sawyer  Island. We are now going to have to share the small pace with Carnival Miracle. Indeed a miracle to manage the bay together. We have been warned that big ship create havoc for small crafts by thrashing  larger ice blocks and by  creating big wakes among the icebergs.  But in the end, the Captain likes the sailboat, a good  photo op for his passengers, so he hugs the cliffs to extreme  to give us ample room. 


By the time we are back in Tracy Arm Cove, the sun is coming out and we are happy to warm up and peel off some layers. The sun is glistening on the Alpine scenery all around us and  the Norwegian Sun appears in Tracy Arm . It would have been interesting to see it cross ways  with  the Carnival Miracle, passengers  on the two ships could probably shake hands from balcony cabins.     


Alaska 004

Tracy Arm Cove

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4 Responses to Alaska 2013 June 27 Day 36 Tracy Arm Cove via Sawyer Glacier 46 NM 1303 NM

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  2. Linell says:

    What an adventure! and the photos truly give a sense of the isolation, chill and beauty of the place…something I even felt when I was on one of those big cruise ships June ’88 25 years ago! Look forward to stories upon your return!

  3. Dora Best says:

    Spectacular! I was holding my breath going past that cruise ship!

  4. Carolyn says:

    You are taking some wonderful photos Francoise! And it looks as though you’re having a superb trip. Carry on Sailors!

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