Alaska 2013 June 25 Day 34 Foot Island Steamboat Bay 42 NM Total 1218 NM

Another very grey morning, we are back in Alaska after a long sunny week-end in Paradise. Calm seas though which is good to leave Petersburg fighting strong currents and then going with them all the way across Frederick Sound past Cape Fanshaw.

Leconte Glacier

We see the Five Finger light house, which was the first manned lighthouse to operate in Alaska (1902). It was also the last manned station in the state when it became automated in 1984. The present structure was built after the original frame construction was destroyed by a fire. It was constructed of reinforced concrete in 1935 and built on a concrete pier.  The one story building contains a 68 ft.  square tower housing a fourth order electric light 81 ft.  above the water.


Five Finger Light-House

Five Fingers Light-House

Five Fingers Light-House

Spotted   a humpback in the distance today and so did Richard from his kayak, but  there were not captured by camera as both were a case of spray, show my big tail, dive and disappear!

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1 Response to Alaska 2013 June 25 Day 34 Foot Island Steamboat Bay 42 NM Total 1218 NM

  1. theresa morris says:

    Hi Dunnery and Francoise- The scale of all the photography is amazing. Huge vistas, strong elements. I love the picture of the lighthouse in particular. It makes me think about the experience of those who lived there over the last (more than)
    100 years. Theresa

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