Alaska 2013 June 23-24 Day 32-33 Wrangell Narrows to Petersburg Mitkof Island 40.1 NM 1176 NM

The weather is incredible  and we need the good visibility to go through the narrows safely.  21 miles of a narrow channel, at times very narrow, sometimes dredged , but always deep and well  marked. We wait for the start, as we need to have modest currents to handle this part. So we go 2 hours before slack and have a great time, good speeds above 10 knots but in all safety.

Wrangell Narrows

Wrangell Narrows


We are at the North Harbor in Petersburg, a fishing harbor, very modern and it seems very active. Some fishing open today at midnight and all the seiners are going out. Petersburg has a strong Norwegian Heritage  and  we feel  in Scandinavia more than in Alaska.



Our friend Richard Hicks has joined us last night by flying on the Alaska Air milk run to Wrangell and he is staying all the way to Whitehorse. More pub crawls coming up! But before that, we paddle all through the fishing fleet in the harbour.

AlaskaD32Petersburg 021

AlaskaD32Petersburg 001

AlaskaD32Petersburg 013

No posts until Juneau now!

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