Alaska 2013 June 17 day 26 Meyers Chuck Cleveland Peninsula 37.7 NM total 942 NM

Highest winds from the south at 32 knots today in Clarence strait with the ebbing waters going the opposite direction, so the whities were aplenty and the waves pretty turbulent.  Good thing we had speed up to 11 knots so it was not too long a day. We sailed most of it.


When we left harbour in Tongass Narrows this morning early, we the “Coral Princess”  cruise ship so close that we could see the captain waving at us from his bridge a mere 15 stories up! (or maybe higher).


We are now on a free state float in Meyers Chuck, a  sheltered little hidey hole with a very narrow rocky entrance but good depth and shelter once you are in.  This used to be a small community with a school  but now there are only 12 people left and a mailbox. Nothing else.


It is part of the Tongass Forest and we followed a very pretty trail to the Beach facing the ocean on the West side of Cleveland Island. Many unlogged firs, cedars and hemlocks and also nice specimen of ferns, skunk cabbage, salmon berries and salal. A pleasant rainforest without bugs thanks to the nice breeze.


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