Alaska 2013 June 14 Day 23 Yes Bay Behm Canal 47.2 NM total 865 NM

Brilliant time on the buoy in Walker Cove last night as a storm passed through. We awake to find a small cruiser used as a tender for kayak tours in the bay. Seems like a very nice way to kayak around here.


Seals on Channel island

We go on to the top of Behm Canal and the water is more green and brown from the silt from the glaciers. It is also very cold. But the sun is shining and we have a great ride to Bell Island, the site of the Hot Springs. Unfortunately, despite the reference in the 2013 US Coastal Pilot, there are no facilities at all.


We decide to stop in Yes Bay in a very sheltered little nook past a fishing lodge. We have hardly seen a half dozen boats in 5 days, this is wilderness. No phones, no internet, not even the marine radio gets through. We are still following George Vancouver and can imagine what a hard time he had surveying this part of the coast. Most places are too deep to anchor and it is hard to find places that are both sheltered and under 30 meters in depth.

AlaskaD23YesBay 006

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