Alaska 2013 June 11 Day 20 Carp Island Smeaton Bay Behm Canal 34.5 NM total 758 NM

Backtracking to the Behm Canal and Misty Fiords National Monument now that we are all clear with CBP. The anchorages are very deep and shelter is rare. We have tucked behind Carp Island and had a slight case of anchor dragging in a mini-storm, fortunately caught on time. Good thing the winds and heavy  shower came after our kayak tour.  The kayaking is grand around here and  for the first time I was comfortable having my skirt on and secured, a milestone for me. Only took me almost 10 full years of West Coast residence to get to this point. We have set an anchor alarm but can’t help looking up every time the chain makes rattling noises moving on the rocks.

Alaska D20 Carp island 002

On the way to Behm, we passed the Tamgas Mountains ( 3591 ft)  on Annette Island, still quite white on the North side.  



  We also took many picture of the Bald Eagle standing guard on the marker behind Bold Island as if keeping  watch of the below datum tide. (The water level gets below what is printed as the minimum on the navigation charts).


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3 Responses to Alaska 2013 June 11 Day 20 Carp Island Smeaton Bay Behm Canal 34.5 NM total 758 NM

  1. Linda Saunders says:

    Nice to escape from the big boat into your little boat!You look very happy in your kayak.

  2. Paul V says:

    It looks like you’re getting some sun. I hope it will be warmer when I join you.

    • Francoise Ducret says:

      Day 22, 23,24, have been so sunny! There must be something terrible ahead! Do bring the wool socks. You are going to love Alaska! *Franoise* *And check out my blogs:* ** ** * * **

      On Sat, Jun 15, 2013 at 5:43 PM, The Sailing Frog off to Glacier Bay,

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