Alaska 2013 June 8 Day 17 Foggy Bay, Alaska 51.6 NM Total 686 NM

The International border was crossed early morning at mile 668. It was actually very early as we started the day at 4:00 am to catch the  high waters through the narrow navigation channels out of prince Rupert, and to take advantage of the ebbing waters pushing North and also for a break from the winds.



We did all this very successfully, and did I already mention that  we also caught the rain, at full swing, 100 %, basically non-stop, chilly, and predictably wet.


Foggy Bay

Past the Dundas Islands the open waters were confused as they say on the marine broadcast, which meant both chop and large swells, sometimes winds to 19 knots, but nothing dramatic and it all went very smoothly, mostly under power but the last broad reach from Tree Point under reefed main and jib at good speed.

Dundas Islands B.C. light-house with red roof

Dundas Islands B.C. light-house with red roof

Foggy Bay is a good base for paddling with many nooks and the Very inlet. This will have to be reserved for the return as we are only allowed  a one day stop en route to Ketchikan by Border Security.


It is located just below 55 degrees latitude North and close to 130 degrees West. We are inching forward  to the South-East pan-handle as it is called. The days are very long, with  already a hint of dawn when we got up at 4 am. Midnight suns in a couple of weeks I suspect.

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