Alaska 2013 May 31 day 9 Codville Lagoon via Namu 32 NM total 376 NM

Namu an old cannery was deserted except for the care-takers who are about to retire and move to the Lama Passage with their float home and all the docks. It does not sound like the owner is planning any renovations so the whole place is doomed to keep sinking in overtaken by gravity. It seems that there are more bears than boats visiting anyway.

2013ALASKAd9NamuCodvilleLgn 007


From Pruth Bay we took the Hakai Passage and then the Ward Channel to the Nalau Passage to rejoin Fisher Sound , crossed it to Namu and proceeded North to King Island and entered the Codville lagoon via a narrow entrance from Lagoon Bay where George Vancouver spent some time.

It is still mostly raining, but all is going very well. Crab trap is down again.

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