Alaska 2013 June 5 Day 14 Kumealon Inlet Grenville Channel 27.8 NM total 599 NM

Just another very rainy day and just one brief “bright Interval” as the BBC calls a sunny outbreak, to get a few shots of the snowy mountains either side of the Grenville Channel.

To the lagoon

To the lagoon

We only did a short day with the idea to try our new double inflatable kayak and had quite a lot of fun paddling to the rapids connecting to Kumealon lagoon. Unfortunately, it was an ebb and the current was way too strong for us to shoot them up. It would have been a nice ride downstream!

Advanced Elements Convertible kayak

Advanced Elements Convertible kayak

We then visited the site of an abandoned logging operation at the mouth of the inlet and got good exercise and a healthy appetite. Too bad our fresh stores are getting low, but tomorrow Prince Rupert Gourmet Pacific Cuisine, here we come! P.Rupert has a Safeway and a Starbucks,  not that we don’t have excellent coffee on board.


We have gone about  600 nautical miles, not in a straight line of course, but as the crow flies this is about the distance between the most Northern and Southern tips of France (1000 km I believe). Now it sounds like a lot.


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