Alaska 2013 June 1 Day 10 Yeo Cove Spiller Channel via Bella Bella 36 NM 412 NM

Crossed to Bella Bella/Shearwater through Gunboat Passage, a narrow channel with many rocks and islets but easy to navigate, in overcast and rainy weather. We fuelled there and made one phone call to Veronica having a birthday tomorrow from the top of the dock, the only place with cell reception for miles. Bell is becoming very elusive and so is the internet. You will read many blogs with delay and pictures might be even longer as they need good bandwidth to upload. But I am taking lots even when it’s not sunny, so eventually I will update every day.


Female eagle in the nest, male watching atop

I had a wonderful  spa day in Shearwater! Just joking! But the shampoo and especially the blow dry from an unexpected little hair place truly felt amazing. Much better than on the boat with somewhat restricted water and absolutely no blow-drier!  Already 10 days on the go, not missing anything at home, but sure very appreciative of extra comfort when it comes. Better than having wet hair for 12 hours in the damp weather!


Tonight we are lucky, we are having crab given to us by the  kind crew of “ Prime Time” a trawler from Seattle  destined to Glacier Bay who did better than me with their trap in Codville Lagoon.

Old logging site in Yeo Cove

Old logging site in Yeo Cove


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