Alaska Day 7 May 29 2013 Goose Bay, Rivers Inlet, past Cape Caution 49.7NM Total 317NM

5:30 am start with the ebb in heavy showers and flat seas. It is chilly out there. Motoring past many islands and islets in rainy overcast  conditions all the way to Goose Bay past the mighty Cape caution feared and revered by all mariners. Today the seas are calm in the Canadian Inside Passage  and we only have to put  up with swells under a meter as the wind direction   and the ebb are aligned. We timed it, got up early and have a very nice passage.  When the tides are opposing the winds though, this area is treacherous and huge swells and chop occurs.


We are now anchored in Goose Bay,  near the mouth of Rivers Inlet in good shelter. We arrived at low tide past the cannery to see a Grizzly bear, our first sighting of Ursus Horribilis, foraging on the beach.


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