Alaska Day 5 Sointula, Malcolm Island in Johnstone Strait 70 NM total 243NM

Many showers through the night, but it stops raining  at 8:00 am when we pull anchor. The ebb is giving us about  one knot of push.  North of Desolation the tides are reversed and now the ebb goes  North, so the ebb is what we seek. We   go through the Greene Point Rapids and reach 14 knots, that’s over  five knots of currents pushing us. Very thrilling, but safe as the channel is wide and deep   at fifty  meters to over one hundred meters in some parts.

AlaskaD5JohnstonestraitSointula 019

The temperature is not really cold, but it is damp and the apparent wind created by the motion of the boat makes it a little chilly. Just for reference, I am wearing my thin long- johns and fleece pants and my bib foul weather gear pants. On top I have a rolled neck lycra, a cashmere sweater and a down vest, a kayak life jacket and my foul weather gear parka, in that order. Of course, rubber boots, a toque and lined gloves! With all that layering,  I bless my zip down bottom pants every time I use the head!

We are also eating cookies made by my friend  Linda Saunders as calories keep you warm. I am almost tempted to also start the authentic British fruit cake made by Sharon Hume but will keep this one for a special dire time.

As we reach Johnstone Strait, the rains are diluvian but we raise the main sail as there is a bit of wind .It is very overcast  but the visibility is still good for short distance. All the rain gathers in the main sail and funnels on the topsides. It sounds like there is a huge leak, but all is tight and dry down below. Sailboats are so comfy compared to  the canoeing and camping  we used to do with our children when they were young.

AlaskaD5JohnstonestraitSointula 004

We are now sailing along the strait at very high speed for a sailboat sometimes above 10 knots without help from the currents in winds gusting past 30 knots and a few standing waves in the tide lines. What a thrill, a five hour long sail without too much effort on our part as the wind  never changes and keeps on our tail. We never saw any whales by Robson Bight, but close to Telegraph Cove a school of Dall porpoises came to play with the boat. The very curious mammals took a good look at us, crisscrossed under the boat and played in the bow, swimming way faster than our 8 knots , and  eyeing me sitting behind the anchor for a good half hour. Then one of the larger animals did a big jump and they all disappeared.

We are now tied up in Sointula on Malcolm Island but far too tired  after this 9 hour day to check the pub a mile away in the pouring rain, so instead we are having steaks, vegetables and salad on board.

We have had a great time covering  243 NM in five days and are ahead of schedule, this is a good feeling as we now can take a foggy day off.

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3 Responses to Alaska Day 5 Sointula, Malcolm Island in Johnstone Strait 70 NM total 243NM

  1. Michiel says:

    Sounds like everything is going great! Stay safe and in touch, love, ren and Michiel xox xox

  2. Paul V says:

    Save some fruitcake for me and Mike!

  3. Rick & Terri says:

    Living the dream! Loving the blog and the pictures – safe travels.

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