Alaska Day 2 Nanaimo Yacht Club about 30 nautical miles

We left early to go through Dodd Narrows at slack water and ended up just a bit late so going with a 2 knot current. Nice. In Nanaimo, our friend Joe had already located a new laptop and drove to the store. The yacht Club provided a room to work with wi-fi. So we are all fixed now, the blog is back up! Then Joe and Vali had us for dinner and lots of good stories. A great visit.

AlaskaNanaimoD2 022

Dodd Narrows

We are getting ready for the long crossing to Pender Harbour tomorrow, will get up early and go. The testing range Whisky Golf should be closed so a beeline across the strait.  WG is an area off the Baleinas Islands where the military test   torpedoes and other explosives and it is closed most week days in the summer. Hopefully, we do not have to sail around it.    

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